Hailo and mytaxi joined forces in late 2016, creating Europe's largest taxi app

As a result of the recent merger between Hailo and mytaxi, we are now rebranding our business in London to mytaxi.

We're also asking our passengers to download the fantastic new mytaxi app to replace Hailo. With just one app you can access licensed taxis in over 50 cities across Europe.

We've made it super easy to transfer your Hailo account to mytaxi.

Simply follow the instructions below. You won't need to register, sign in or add any other account information. We'll transfer your entire Hailo profile for you in just a couple of taps.

What do you need to do?

  • Open the Hailo app
  • Hit 'Get mytaxi Now'
  • Check you're happy with the T&Cs and Privacy Policy
  • Hit 'Agree and Transfer'
  • Download mytaxi
  • e-Hail a cab!

When you open the mytaxi app, all of your Hailo account details will have been automatically synchronised and you will be ready to hail a taxi immediately!

For more information, please see our FAQs below or contact us by email at uk.support@mytaxi.com.


What's happening?

In late 2016, Hailo merged with mytaxi to create Europe's leading taxi app, operating in over 50 cities. As a result, we are now completely rebranding Hailo to mytaxi. We're also launching the mytaxi app to replace Hailo. We're asking all of our passengers to download mytaxi and have made it super easy to do so by providing personalised links in the Hailo app to help you transfer your account in just a few taps.

What do I need to do?

It's very simple and takes just a couple of minutes to get set up. Please go to your Hailo app and follow the instructions to 'Transfer Account Now'. In just a few taps, you'll be able to download the mytaxi app via a personalised link that enables you to transfer your Hailo profile information seamlessly to your new mytaxi app. 

What happens when I transfer my account to mytaxi?

By asking us to transfer your Hailo profile information to mytaxi (see in-app), we can ensure that your existing Hailo profile is ready and waiting in the mytaxi app. It takes minutes to download the new app and when you open it, you won't need to sign in, register or add profile and payment information. We can do all that for you if you click the link in your Hailo app.

Do I need to register or sign in again?

No. If you follow the personalised link in your Hailo app before you download mytaxi, we'll do all of the hard work for you. After installing mytaxi, when you open the app you'll be ready to start hailing taxis immediately. Your full Hailo profile details will have been transferred to the new app and you'll be automatically logged in.

What new features can I find on the mytaxi app?

Favourite Driver: If you get exceptional service from a driver, favourite them at the end of your journey and this makes it more likely they will pick you up again in the future. So, whether it's great shortcut knowledge or simply impressive banter, you can save that driver for another journey.

Share Location: Let friends & family members know your whereabouts and ETA by sharing your journey details with them. This feature can help put minds at rest, but is also particularly useful for letting friends know what time to have your cup of tea ready.

Prebook: You can now prebook your trip with as little as 15 minutes notice, so if you're just finishing off that meeting, coffee or a stronger refreshment and you need a taxi waiting to whisk you away at a specific time, just let us know.

What is happening to the Hailo app?

We'll be waving a fond farewell to the Hailo app soon, but until then please don't delete it - we'll tell you when it's time. In the coming weeks, it will be retired, but you'll long since have started loving mytaxi by then! ;)

What is happening to the Hailo brand?

The Hailo brand will be joining the Hailo app in the retirement home and we'll be running a major marketing campaign to let you all know that we have rebranded to mytaxi.

What do I do if I have a problem?

Assuming the answer to your problem is not within these FAQs, please drop us a line on uk.support@mytaxi.com and we'll get back to you shortly.

How do I book a taxi?

Simply open the mytaxi app and tap 'Order a Taxi'. If you'd like to book for a certain time, specify your destination and select your method of payment, click 'Prebook and Options'.

Can I book a 6 seater taxi?

Open the mytaxi app and select Prebook and Options > Add-ons > Multi-Seater. You can select either a normal five seater black cab or the six seater Mercedes Vito option. Both are fully licensed, insured 'black cabs', but the Mercedes Vito may be better for larger groups (or those with lots of shopping!).

How do I see my trip history?

Open the mytaxi app and select the profile button on the top right-hand corner. Tap on trips.

What do I do if I have lost property in a mytaxi?

If you have lost some of your personal property and the driver has left your drop-off point already, please contact our Customer Support team on uk.support@mytaxi.com.

How do I change my payment method?

Open the mytaxi app and select Prebook and Options. Tap on the card option.

Can I pay with a pre-paid card?

Sorry, we don't accept pre-paid cards at this time. 

Does mytaxi operate a minimum fare policy during peak hours?

Yes - A minimum £10 fare is charged on all journeys outside of the hours of 10am - 5pm (Mon-Fri) and at all times on Saturday and Sunday.

How do I use a promo code?

Open the mytaxi app and select Prebook and Options. Tap on the card option and select Promo Code in Settings. Please note that Hailo promo codes will not work in mytaxi and vice versa. If you have an old Hailo promo code, you will need to use it in the Hailo app or lose the credit altogether.

Will my data be safe?

We are absolutely committed to treating our passengers' data with the utmost importance. Our full Privacy Policy can be found here for more information. 

What happens to the data I had stored on Hailo?

The data related to your Hailo account, including your login information, profile, address, registered payment information and any other stored information will be seamlessly transferred to your new mytaxi account. This takes just a couple of minutes and has been automated to remove the hassle for you. All you need to do is go into your Hailo app and hit 'Transfer Account Now'. Unfortunately, your Hailo trip history will NOT be transferred to the new mytaxi app.

I'm not able to transfer my Hailo account for some reason, what should I do?

If you are having trouble transferring your Hailo account, please contact us on uk.support@mytaxi.com.

What if I already have a mytaxi account?

If you already have a mytaxi account, you don't need to transfer your Hailo account. If you attempt to do so, by initiating the process in the Hailo app, and your mytaxi registered email address is the same as your Hailo registered email address, then you will simply be asked to log in to mytaxi as normal.

I haven't been prompted to transfer my Hailo account, what should I do?

Don't worry, you're still invited to the mytaxi party. You probably just need to update your Hailo app to the most recent version. Simply go to the Hailo download page in your app store and click 'Update'. Once you have updated to the latest version of Hailo, open the app and follow the instructions on the screen.

We hope we have answered any questions that you might have, but if you're still struggling, please don't hesitate to get in touch on uk.support@mytaxi.com.