mytaxi update for Hailo Business clients

So what's happening?
Hailo has merged with mytaxi to create Europe's largest taxi app, offering licensed taxis in over 50 cities. It makes sense to have one name rather than two, so we're rebranding the Hailo part of the business in UK, Ireland and Spain to mytaxi. 

Meantime it’s business as usual here in London. Your trusty black taxis are ready and waiting to get you where you need to be… on time, safe and in style. Watch our short video here.

Can I still use my Hailo Business account?
Yes. Please continue to use your Hailo Business account, online booking tool and Hailo app as normal for now. We will be moving your Hailo Business account to a new mytaxi one in April together with a new online booking tool and a new mytaxi phone app.

What do I need to do now?

To prepare for your account move please take a few moments to check the following:

1. Review your current Hailo Business account information. Please confirm, complete or update your company account details. We will be using this information to establish your new mytaxi business account:

Login to your Hailo Business account

From your Administration panel select “Account” and the “Information” tab.

Just add in your information and "Save" any changes using the button at the top of the page.

2. Update to the latest version of the Hailo app now. This will ensure all their details will transfer across to the mytaxi app when we ask them to download it. To check, just go to your usual app store and update the Hailo app if that option appears - if it doesn't you're already using the latest version.

3. Please DON'T download the mytaxi app until we advise you to. This will ensure we can synchronise your business account details to the mytaxi app when we do ask you to download it.

Other than that please ask your Hailo online bookers and phone app users to hang in there! We'll be back in touch when your new mytaxi business account is ready and let you know when you can start using the new mytaxi tools.

What does this mean for my team that use the Hailo app?

Nothing just yet. We will contact them in April when your new mytaxi business account is live and move them across to use the new mytaxi app. To ensure your account move goes smoothly please ask your team not to download the mytaxi app until we advise them to do so.

What if my team have jumped the gun and downloaded the mytaxi app?
If your team really can’t contain themselves don’t worry. The mytaxi app will work but their activity won’t be recorded in your business account, and they won’t be able to charge journeys to the account if you have that facility in place. Once your new mytaxi business account is live we will be able to reconnect them.

What's happening to your Hailo taxi drivers?

Don't worry we're not leaving them behind! We've already switched on our drivers to mytaxi so you'll still have access to London's largest black taxi fleet and the same great driver team. They will also continue using the Hailo app until everyone has moved across.

What if I have any questions? 

Just drop our business support team a line: business@hailocab.com or use our new email: business.london@mytaxi.com