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Airport fixed fare offer.

Edinburgh Airport fixed fares are only £25! Receive an extra 60% discount on airport trips from 18th June 2018 until 31st August 2018. mytaxi to the airport or back for only £10. 

Enter the destination in the app to receive fixed fare and discount. Fixed fares do not apply for cash trips. 60% off Fixed Fare promotion is running from from 12:00 18th June 2018 until 23:59 on 31st August 2018.

Take 1/3 off your trips in Edinburgh until 30th June (Now expired)

To celebrate the launch of mytaxi in Edinburgh, we're giving you 1/3 off trips in Edinburgh from 9th May until 30th June, each trip you take in Edinburgh will be discounted by 1/3. Simply hail and pay through in-app card payment and your discount will be applied automatically at the end of your journey. 

*Terms and Conditions May 2018:

mytaxi terms and conditions for the "1/3 off trips in Edinburgh" from Wednesday 9th May 2018 until Saturday 30th June 2018. (hereafter "the promotion")

By participating in the promotion, you agree to these terms and conditions.

Note: Use of the mytaxi taxi booking application and "Payment by App" function are also subject to the GTC for passengers and the terms and conditions for the mytaxi "Payment by App" function in their currently applicable form, which can be accessed at: http://uk.mytaxi.com/terms. mytaxi is not party to the passenger transportation agreement between the passenger and the taxi driver, as mytaxi solely acts as an intermediary for this transaction. The taxi driver receives the full fare in accordance with taxi rates of the applicable regional taxi regulations.

1. Organiser

The organiser of the promotion is mytaxi Network Ltd. with its registered seat at Harling House, 47-51 Great Suffolk Street, London SE1 0BS, Commercial register: 0747727 (hereafter: mytaxi).

2. Promotion period, scope

(1) The mytaxi promotion will run from 00:01 on Wednesday 9th May 2018 and ends at 23:59 on Saturday 30th June 2018 OR when the discount is redeemed on 75,000 trips (hereafter: "the promotion period").

(2) 1/3 off discount applies to the metered taxi fare and applies to "Payment by App" only. Cash payments are excluded from the promotion as are cash to Payment by App conversions during the trip. Tip to driver is not included in discount.

(3) The 1/3 discount is also applicable to prebooked tours that are taken and paid for (using "Payment by App") within the hours and locations of the promotion only.

(4) The mytaxi promotion is only valid within the regionally limited areas of the respective applicable taxi regulations for the region of Edinburgh specified and selected by mytaxi for the campaign period – i.e., the trip must end in the corresponding area of application and must not leave the area of application of the applicable taxi/taxi rate regulations – for all taxis that use the mytaxi "Payment by App" function.

(5) The regions selected by mytaxi for the "1/3 off trips in Edinburgh" are:


Trips taken in Edinburgh only.

 (hereafter: "area of application")

3. Eligibility

(1) To participate in the promotion you must be 18 years or older and a registered user of the mytaxi passenger app. To qualify for the promotion your mytaxi trip must be (i) started and completed during the promotion period within the area of application; (ii) booked through our mytaxi taxi (i) app; and (iii) paid for (cash-free) through the mytaxi taxi app via one of the offered payment methods selected by the user (credit card). 

(2) Our business customers, our Business Account customers for invoiced trips and their employees who have been given authorization to use mytaxi are not eligible to participate in the promotion.

(3) Participation with false identities or the identities of third parties as well as participation via automated systems or other manipulations is not permitted. Participation through the use of "dummy trips" is not permitted. "Dummy trips" are those mytaxi trips that are only made for the purpose of gaining payment by mytaxi in collusion with the taxi driver/taxi operator. Such "dummy trips” are suspected when multiple mytaxi trips are referred and invoiced at short intervals between the same parties (i.e., more than three "Payment by App" trips within 24 hours). If it suspects such behaviour, mytaxi is entitled at any time and at its discretion, to block the parties without notice until the end of the campaign period or to delete the corresponding customer accounts.  mytaxi will then inform the parties that the account has been blocked, providing the reason why and the expected blocking period.

(4) In the event of unjustified claims to the mytaxi promotion benefits, mytaxi shall be entitled to claims for compensation.

4. Promotion participation

(1) As a new customer, you must download the mytaxi taxi app from the device applicable App Store to your smartphone, provide your first and last names and phone number and register by saving a payment method available for mytaxi (credit card) and accept the passenger GTC for the mytaxi "Payment by App" function.

(2) When you order a mytaxi-affiliated taxi during the promotion period and area of application using the mytaxi application and pay for your trip using the mytaxi taxi app, you will automatically take part in the promotion. You can take advantage of the promotion multiple times during the campaign period.

(3) During the promotion the taxi driver will continue to receive the full fare based on the current local taxi rate regulations (in addition to any tip freely provided by you). When you participate in the mytaxi promotion, mytaxi will reimburse you to the payment method provided by you in the "Payment by App" function for half the amount invoiced to you for your taxi ride.      

(4) This promotion cannot be combined with other offers, benefits, vouchers or rebates. The mytaxi bonus has no cash value, cannot be transferred and can only be used once per trip. The mytaxi bonus cannot be sold, resold or redeemed for cash.

(5) If you already have a voucher saved for your first "Payment by App" trip at the beginning of the promotion period, mytaxi will automatically select either participation in the promotion or use of the saved voucher for your first "Payment by App" trip, depending on which option is more beneficial for you for the mytaxi "Payment by App". If the promotion campaign is selected for your payment by app, the voucher for your first "Payment by App" trip will expire without replacement and cannot be redeemed for cash.

5. Miscellaneous

(1) If individual provisions of these terms and conditions are or become invalid, the validity of the remaining terms and conditions shall remain unaffected. It shall be replaced by a provision that best approximates the intent of the invalid provision. These terms and conditions may be amended by mytaxi at any time if these conditions contain gaps (additions) or if de facto or legal flaws subsequently arise that might significantly impact the purpose of the bonus campaign or make it impossible to carry out.

(2) mytaxi management reserve the right to change or end any promotional offer at any time without further notice.

(3) The promotion is subject to English law.

Updated & amended at: 09 May 2018


mytaxi Network Ltd.

Harling House, 47-51 Great Suffolk Street

London SE1 0BS

Commercial Register: 07477274

Email: uk.support@mytaxi.com